We are bringing an exciting adventure series called The Young Leif Saga to screen, using the Unreal Engine’s unique capabilities and Artineer’s NPR render engine Flair. An epic journey with a unique look!



The goal of this project is to create an amazing pilot and pitch for an animated series called The Young Leif Saga.

Armada has been making great strides on pushing this IP forward. We have the story and our partners at Artineers can help us get to the look. We are requesting the financial backing to bring this story to life.

We will produce a 9-minute animated short called “Not Alone” that will introduce the main characters, the world they live in, and give the viewers a taste of this adventure-packed series.

This pilot episode will allow us to develop a work-flow and pipeline within The Unreal Engine to be used for the series. We plan to use Engine as the main hub of production: Layout, Rigging, Animation, and Rendering.



Our story begins in Iceland in the year 980. An old Germanic slave, Thyrker, accompanies his master’s young son, Leif, back home from a large festival. Leif’s family homestead seems to have been deserted, which leads to the two splitting and going their separate ways. Soon after, an attack on the homestead has our heroes questioning their choices…

Production overview

• Projected Runtime: 9 Minutes
• Projected Shot Count: 140-180 Shots
• 4 Characters
• 7 Sets / Locations
• Contains Smoke, Water, Cloth, Hair, and Fire FX

Production Status

Armada currently has created:
• Finalized Script
• Character Designs
• Rough Storyboards





The Young Leif Saga will be a historical fantasy animated show that followes the adventures of the young Leif Eriksson. In the same vein as Young Indiana Jones or Young Sherlock Holmes, the story is a coming of age narrative in which we see our hero learn, make mistakes, and forge his character into the hero we know as an adult through the 13th Century Icelandic Sagas.

The series takes us across norther Europe in Leif’s quest to find his family. Alongside him is his father Erik the Red’s former slave Thyrker, who has decided to keep his promise and get Leif to his family. Along the way, new friends also join him in his journey.

Book 1: Iceland

Upon returning from Iceland’s yearly gathering, Leif and Thyrker find their home vacant. Leif’s entire family has disappeared without a trace. To add further confusion to the situation, Leif and Thyrker become hunted by three brothers who are determined to kill them. Our protagonists travel the island in search for Leif’s family, meeting up with people who give them valuable information on where the family could be, all while trying to stay alive. Their team will get larger, and they will also meet up with secondary characters that come along and help them in their journey!

Book 2: Norway

In the second season, having heard that the family might be back at Erik’s former village in western Norway, our group sets sail to Norway to find Erik and the family. Unfortunately our team gets split up and caught in the middle of a war between the two nations of Norway and Denmark, led by their legendary leaders Haakon the Giant and Harald Bluetooth! Leif’s mission to find his father takes a secondary role, as he decides to focus on getting back to his newfound friends.

Book 3: Greenland

In the third season, Leif finally reunites with his family. They set sail to Greenland in a fleet with Leif’s father and many other settlers, but the ship is thrown off course in a storm. Leif and his friends are separated from the rest of the vessels and their families. Bjarki, who was following Leif, lands on the same side of the island and must team up with Leif, or face nature’s temper on his own. This expanded team must cross this immense island in order to find their parents. Their adventure takes them over mountains, through ice caves and even to the new continent, Dimma’s homeland. The third season ends when Leif finally finds his parents’ camp.